Conqueror Virtual Challenge – Angkor Wat

In an earlier blog post, I talked about my decision to try a new type of virtual run challenge, the Conqueror Virtual Challenges, as well as my completion of my first, second and third Conqueror Virtual Challenges, the English Channel, the Inca Trail, and Mount Fuji respectively.

I have since completed my fourth Conqueror Virtual Challenge – Angkor Wat.

The Angkor Wat Challenge is a 20 mile (32km) virtual journey “through the magnificent remains of the Khmer civilisation in the verdant jungles outside of Siem Reap, Cambodia”. I chose to complete the Angkor Wat challenge via stationary bike rides. I completed the Challenge from 16 December 2021 until 6 March 2022.

Just like when I completed the previous three Challenges, I received postcards along the way, a finisher’s certificate, as well as a finisher’s medal. You can find pictures of these below.


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