Conqueror Virtual Challenge – Easter Island

In earlier blog posts, I talked about my decision to try a new type of virtual run challenge, the Conqueror Virtual Challenges, as well as my completion of my first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh Conqueror Virtual Challenges: the English Channel, the Inca Trail, Mount Fuji, Angkor Wat, Marathon to Athens, the Berlin Wall, and the Amalfi Coast respectively.

I have since completed my eighth Conqueror Virtual Challenge – Easter Island.

The Easter Island Conqueror Virtual Challenge takes participants “from Hanga Roa, heading through the centre of the Island, then back to Hanga Roa, in Chile. Easter Island is famous for the Moai statues created and scattered across the island by its early inhabitants, the Rapa Nui.”

I chose to complete the Easter Island Conqueror Virtual Challenge via outdoor walking, indoor walking, stationary bike rides, and steps. When I realised via the FitBit app that I was walking kilometres worth of steps when I wasn’t visiting the gym, I decided to log them in the Conqueror app as distances for this Challenge. Due to logging these steps, I finished this Challenge in record time, completing it in three weeks – from 10 March until 31 March 2023.

Just like when I completed the previous Challenges, I received a race bib, postcards along the way, a finisher’s certificate, and a finisher’s medal. You can find pictures of these below.

My goal for this year is to complete at least one Conqueror Virtual Challenge per season. The Easter Island Conqueror Virtual Challenge was supposed to be my autumn Challenge, however since I completed it earlier than I anticipated, it is going to be one of my autumn Challenges. My next autumn Challenge is Paris, which is part of the Conqueror’s Cities of Europe package.

Stay tuned for updates.