Conqueror Virtual Challenge – Mount Fuji

In an earlier blog post, I talked about my decision to try a new type of virtual run challenge, the Conqueror Events, as well as my completion of my first and second Conqueror Virtual Challenges, the English Channel and the Inca Trail respectively.

I have since completed my third Conqueror Virtual Challenge – Mount Fuji. The Mount Fuji Challenge is a 46-mile (74 km) journey to the summit of Mount Fuji – the highest volcano in Japan. I chose to complete the Mount Fuji challenge in the form of a stationary bike ride. I completed the challenge from 18 December 2020 until 20 May 2021. I logged my progress in the My Virtual Mission app.

Just like when I completed the previous two challenges, I received postcards along the way, a finisher’s certificate, as well as a finisher’s medal. You can find pictures of these below.




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