TV Shows – Analysis

My TV Show – Analysis blog posts go beyond my episode-by-episode reviews of TV shows and web series. These blog posts provide in an in-depth look at different themes, motifs, and characters, and how they serve their respective TV shows and web series.

Exploration of the afterlife on television – Upload vs The Good Place

This three-part analysis compares Upload and The Good Place – their concepts of the afterlife, and their afterlife’s benefits and shortfalls.

Charmed and Neutrality – Why neutral beings in Charmed fail

This four-part analysis looks at three types of neutral beings in Charmed – the Angel of Death, the Cleaners, and the Avatars – their role in the show and why they failed in their agenda/objectives.

Charmed – philosophical analysis

While Charmed was a show that revolved around three sister-witches protecting the world from evil, they did occasionally have to deal with philosophical problems, two of them included the Trolley Problem and the Ripple Effect. These analysis pieces take a deeper look on how the sisters dealt with these philosophical problems alongside their magical ones.

Other TV Show & Movie Analysis posts

Case Studies in Abnormal Psychology analyses how the YouTube playlist of the same name perfectly demonstrates how some of the most interesting characters in TV shows and movies are flawed and why we, as viewers, love to analyse them.

Marital and gender roles in The Brady Bunch and House Husbands analyses how marital and gender roles have been depicted on television shows for years, how these roles have evolved over time, and how the depiction of these roles on television have had to adjust accordingly.