TV Show Analysis – Charmed and Neutrality: Why neutral beings in Charmed fail (The Avatars)

Charmed (the original series) revolved around three powerful, sister-witches known as the Charmed Ones who use their powers to fight against evil. In fact, Charmed as a whole is about the ongoing cosmic fight between Good and Evil.

However life and magic are not completely black and white, there are shades of grey, including in Charmed, in the form of neutrality, specifically neutral beings.

Definition of Good and Evil according to Charmed:

According to the Charmed Wiki website, Good and Evil is a set affiliation, as if they are political parties of the supernatural world, not a matter of perception or a label for a particular pattern of behaviour. Each side has a hierarchy, agents and an agenda.

Definition of Neutrality according to Charmed:

According to the Charmed Wiki website, neutral beings are “not aligned with either Good or Evil, and do not participate in the eternal struggle between them. Instead they perform other functions in maintaining the Grand Design, or are free to pursue their own agendas.” The website also stated that it should be noted that neutrality is not an affiliation; it only indicates a lack of affiliation with Good or Evil.

This definition perfectly sums up neutral beings, why they exist, and why they are needed in the Charmed universe. This four-part analysis will look at three types of neutral beings: the Angel of Death, the Cleaners, and the Avatars. This part will look at the Avatars.

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