Conqueror Virtual Challenge – The English Channel

I talked about my decision to try a new type of virtual run/challenge, the Conqueror Events in a previous blog post.

The first Conqueror Virtual Challenge I decided to try was the English Channel.

The English Channel challenge is the shortest Conqueror challenge at 21 miles/34 km and virtually takes participants across the width of the English Channel between England and France.

The Conqueror Virtual Challenges accommodate for almost any physical activity by allowing a variety of distance-based exercise activities such as running, walking, cycling, swimming and so on, to advance along the map of a challenge. The Conqueror Virtual Challenge team actually sent me an email with an activity conversion chart that converts 88 activities into steps and miles so participants can use those activities towards their mission. The activity conversion chart can be found here.

I chose to complete the English Channel challenge in the form of a stationery bike ride as I was having to treat ongoing foot issues and the pain that would come with it in physio.

I completed the challenge from 18 September until 1 October 2020. I would log my progress in the My Virtual Mission app. When I would reach certain distances along the way, I would be emailed postcards, and when I would reach the 20%, 40%, 60% and 80% mark, as well as the end of the challenge, the organisers would plant a tree to help restore healthy forests in locations around the world.


Picture notifying me of when the Conqueror Virtual Challenge team would plant a tree in honour of me reaching a specific milestone within the Challenge.


First postcard I received from the Conqueror Virtual Challenge team. I received this one on 19 September, the day after I started the challenge.


Second postcard I received from the Conqueror Virtual Challenge team. I received this on 1 October when I finished the challenge.


When I finished the English Channel challenge, I also received a finisher’s certificate in three different sizes – square for posting about my achievement on social media, vertical for sharing on my Instagram/Facebook story, and wide for printing.


The English Channel Finisher’s Certificate


Overall I enjoyed this virtual challenge and I especially appreciated its accommodation and inclusion of almost any physical activity as completed miles. After I logged my completed 21 miles in the app, I was sent my medal.

My English Channel medal



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