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Unigrad Article

My Unigrad article, Be the Architect of Your Future, is an article I wrote for Unigrad, a blog about university life. My article was published on Unigrad on 12 September 2013. The Unigrad blog appears to have been taken down as it’s domain is parked, so I decided to re-publish my article on this blog.  

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Hotcourses Australia Articles

My Hotcourses Australia articles were articles I wrote for and were published on Hotcourses Australia, a blog aimed at Australians wanting to pursue post-secondary education. I wrote the articles in 2013 and they were published on the Hotcourses Australia blog in 2014. As Hotcourses Australia has been re-branded as Hotcourses Abroad, my articles are no longer on the blog, so

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Life as a postgraduate student

Unlike most of my friends, I have not graduated from my undergraduate degree, however some of my friends have graduated and moved on to postgraduate studies. I have managed to get a preview of postgraduate life through my friends, Carrie Wilkinson and Susie Clement. Both of them completed postgraduate studies in the Bachelor of Science at the University of Wollongong.

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Expect the unexpected: 5 things to expect and (unexpect) during uni

Every first year uni student has certain expectations on what their uni lives and experiences will be like, I know I did. With uni, there are certain experiences which are bound to happen and others which you won’t expect. Remember to be open to every experience, embrace them and learn from them. 1. Making new friends Making friends is inevitable

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