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Things I Miss Since Growing Up Series—Grandparents

Grandparents Grandparents are fantastic. They can you spoil you rotten, they can teach you things that you parents aren’t allowed or suppose to, they can be your confidante and they give you a glimpse into your parents’ futures—your parents come from them, physically and mentally, you’ll find that your parents got their parenting skills and techniques from their own parents,

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Thing I Miss Since Growing Up Series—My Parents My Chauffeurs

My Parents My Chauffeurs I’m sure everyone remembers their parents driving them around when they were little and fighting for the front seat and having to ask for lift to a party, school, work, etc. My childhood was no different. In my life my parents have owned two cars, a Holden station wagon and a Holden Commodore. They still own

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Things I Miss Since Growing Up Series—My Mother My Nurse

My mother My Nurse Some of the worst memories of my childhood revolve around illnesses—chicken pox, tonsillitis, sinusitis, colds and flus. I would feel sick, weak and vulnerable with every illness I would contract or develop. However what would soften these bad memories would be the good memories of my mother stepping in as my nurse and looking after me.

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