Expect the unexpected: 5 things to expect and (unexpect) during uni

Every first year uni student has certain expectations on what their uni lives and experiences will be like, I know I did. With uni, there are certain experiences which are bound to happen and others which you won’t expect. Remember to be open to every experience, embrace them and learn from them.

1. Making new friends

Making friends is inevitable at uni and very important. Your first year of uni is the best time to make new friends, the environment is new and most of your fellow first year students are just as excited and scared as you are, which is something to bond over. You will make new friends constantly, no matter how many years you are at uni and this is extremely important for those of you who have moved away from home.

2. Learning to live with strangers

If the uni you go to is not in your hometown, you are most likely going to end up living at student accommodation, especially in your first year. There are different types of student accommodation. Whether you live in a unit with flatmates or a dorm room, either way you will end up living with people who will be strangers to you. Sometimes there are certain annoying things you have to put up with such as loud music and questionable cleaning habits and you will most likely have to share facilities such as a kitchen, bathroom and/or a laundry. Living in accommodation isn’t easy, however it provides you with great social and cleaning skills, new friends and a practice run for when you have your own place.

3. Loss

Students dying during their studies are very rare, however I unfortunately lost a friend of mine during my second year of uni. His death affected the whole Campus East community where we both lived. Accommodation Services organised for everyone to travel to his funeral in Grenfell, which is about four hours outside of Wollongong. I’m not saying to expect the death of friends, but to remember that if a friend or any other uni student you know does die, that death is a part of life, feel your emotions and get help if you need it.

4. Failure

I wouldn’t say that failing an assessment task or a subject is inevitable, however with some uni students it does happen. I haven’t failed a subject, but I did fail an assessment task in my second year. No-one likes or wants to fail an assessment task, subject or anything in life, however I learnt that failing one assessment task isn’t the end of the world. All you can do if you fail at anything is to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, learn from it and move on.

5. Getting a new job/s and starting your career

We all go to uni to get a degree so we can all get our high paying dream jobs. But you may have to get a few jobs that you don’t like or just plain hate along the way to keep yourself alive. My advice to you all is to not pigeon hole yourself and be open to any career opportunity that comes your way, even if it’s not exactly what you want or dream of. I’m a creative writing and journalism student and the first writing job I got was with a marketing company, which I was offered after applying for an internship. I ended up working there for six months and it led me to establish my own freelance writing business.


You will have many more expected and unexpected experiences during your uni years. Remember to enjoy and appreciate every moment.


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