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John Marsden Writing Topic #490

“The black sheep of the family.”** Usually the term “black sheep of the family” has a negative connotation, however for this writing topic, I am going to basically use the definition by Urban Dictionary of someone “who feels like an outcast in their family or is the outcast because they do things differently to their parents.” By this definition, I

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John Marsden Writing Topic #400

‘You can’t put anything in a closed fist.’ When have you tried? What happened?** For this response, I am using the interpretation that a closed fist indicates “closed-mindedness”. The only times I can recall where I’ve tried to put anything in a closed fist, in regards to a closed fist meaning “closed-mindedness”, is when I’ve tried to challenge (but not

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John Marsden Writing Topic #499

Observe an animal for an hour, then write a comparison between it and human beings.** I observed various animals, mainly dogs, for an hour via a YouTube video (which can be viewed below). I found that dogs are similar to humans on a basic level–eating, drinking, walking, even in regards to their intelligence. However I also noticed the following differences

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