John Marsden Writing Topic #499

Observe an animal for an hour, then write a comparison between it and human beings.**

I observed various animals, mainly dogs, for an hour via a YouTube video (which can be viewed below). I found that dogs are similar to humans on a basic level–eating, drinking, walking, even in regards to their intelligence. However I also noticed the following differences between them and humans:

  • Dogs can’t speak.
  • They have four legs rather than two.
  • They have paws rather than hands.
  • They communicate through barking, licking and touching.
  • They have fur/hair all over their body.
  • They have tails.
  • They growl.
  • They enjoy having their bellies scratched, humans not so much.
  • Dogs can’t control their tempers on their own.
  • They’re generally cuter than humans.
  • They can’t dress themselves.
  • They climb more than humans.
  • Dogs make more unique sounds than humans do.
  • Dogs are afraid of everyday noises, such as the sound of hairdryers and vacuum cleaners.
  • They sleep on smaller and circular beds.
  • They chew on random items, such as balls and shoes.
  • They use their nose and sense of smell more.




**Reference: Marsden J 1998, Everything I Know About Writing, Pan Macmillan, Australia.

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