John Marsden Writing Topic #405

Describe three incidents from your life—but make one of them a lie.**

1. When I worked for Woolworths, I collapsed at work. I remember standing at the register and feeling light-headed, so I asked for a brief break. I was on my way out the back, when I ran into a work colleague and her mother. I briefly talked to them and they told me that I didn’t look so good. I left shortly afterwards, the dizziness increasing and my body couldn’t take it anymore and I collapsed in front of the freezer section. Customers and colleagues quickly came to my assistance and I was sent to the hospital.

2. I witnessed two criminals on the run from two towns over spin out of control, run into two cars and come to a stop on a roundabout. The two criminals, a male and a female, rushed out of their car and tried to run off into a nearby street. Two police cars sped past me and chased them, while myself and the drivers waiting in all four directions of the roundabout, not knowing what to do with themselves, watched on. The criminals were apprehended and I gave a statement to a police officer at the scene soon after.

3. My licence was suspended for three months last year. I was driving outside of a country town and wasn’t aware that there were changes to where the speed I was driving, was actually legal. I was given a ticket for high-range speeding as I was accidentally driving 30km/h above what turned out to be the actual legal speed limit.


**Reference: Marsden J 1998, Everything I Know About Writing, Pan Macmillan, Australia.

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