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John Marsden Writing Topic #401

Describe a time when you judged it wiser to conform** I’d say that the years I was in school and uni were the times I judged it wiser to conform. What I mean is that I found it wise to wear the proper uniform, do what the teachers/lecturers said, and complete my assessments on time. I believe that conforming in

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John Marsden Writing Topic #413

Write the chapter headings for your autobiography, make them stylish and intriguing** My Autobiography Chapter 1…Starting life from the emergency exit Chapter 2…The terrible twos extended Chapter 3…The not-so life changing diagnosis Chapter 4…Little Rachel goes to school Chapter 5…Years by the Lake Chapter 6…Starting at the bottom of the pyramid Chapter 7…Rachel meet Grief Chapter 8…Parental cracks Chapter 9…Climbing

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John Marsden Writing Topic #498

Who’s the biggest friend you ever had?** I wouldn’t say that there is one person who is the biggest friend I’ve ever had, lots of people make that list. Throughout my life, I’ve had many great and close friends, the ones who stand out are: Sarah Zadow–my best friend all through primary school. Gabriella Kompos Trumble–one of my closest friends

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John Marsden Writing Topic #493

Write a piece which shows your real self, your public self, and your imagined self.** Real Self My name is Rachel Loveday, I’m 26 years old and I live in Wollongong. I graduated with a double degree, Bachelor of Creative Arts (Creative Writing)-Bachelor of Journalism in 2014, and I currently work as an administration assistant. While I believe I am

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