John Marsden Writing Topic #498

Who’s the biggest friend you ever had?**

I wouldn’t say that there is one person who is the biggest friend I’ve ever had, lots of people make that list.

Throughout my life, I’ve had many great and close friends, the ones who stand out are:

  • Sarah Zadow–my best friend all through primary school.
  • Gabriella Kompos Trumble–one of my closest friends throughout primary school and high school, who I reconnected with on Facebook about two years ago.
  • Cassie Bishop, Sarah Sewell and Danielle Parker–my best friends all through high school.
  • Amy Baker, Kayla Hamilton, Leah Tome, Patricia Miinchow, Alex Ross, Tom Murdoch and Tim Hollis–all of them plus Cassie, Sarah, Danielle and I were a group of friends, a clique, if you will, throughout high school.
  • Sean Crombie, Luci Dobbin, Alice Reed, Susie Clement, Claire Wright, Carrie Wilkinson, Zac Nicholson, Lisha Erwin, David Dovenor, and Yvette Katz–my best friends all through uni.
  • Patrick–my former boyfriend, we were each other’s best friend throughout our six month relationship. Our relationship and our friendship ended four years ago and I’ve constantly questioned how different my life would be if we had managed to stay friends.
  • BC–another former suitor from two years ago. Although we didn’t work out as a couple, we stayed friends for a few months. Our friendship fell apart because he started dating someone else. Like with Patrick, I’ve constantly questioned how different my life would be if BC and I had also managed to stay friends.

I apologise for the friends of mine who I haven’t mentioned in this list. I hope one day I can add more people to this list.



**Reference: Marsden J 1998, Everything I Know About Writing, Pan Macmillan, Australia.

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