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Bad Mothers–Season 1 Finale

The job of a season finale is to conclude the story arcs of the season and open up new story arcs for the next season (if there is one). I felt like this finale only achieved half of this. The episode kicks off with Sarah and the kids visiting Anton in jail, who’s back in there as he breached his

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Bad Mothers–Season 1, Episode 7

The penultimate episode of a murder mystery should be starting to tie up loose ends and make the perpetrator almost clear to the viewer. I feel like this episode only partially achieved this. Instead of fully focusing on the murder mystery, attention was turned to Anton’s release and Bindy taking London to meet JJ, who it turns out, is London’s

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Bad Mothers–Season 1, Episode 3

While the last episode focused on Anton being remanded and more pieces to the murder puzzle being provided, this episode focused on the ramifications of Anton’s arrest and Sarah’s efforts to find evidence against Kyle. The episode kicks off with Bindy, Danielle and Maddie running in the morning and coming across graffiti on Anton’s restaurant. It then cuts to Sarah

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