Bad Mothers–Season 1 Finale

The job of a season finale is to conclude the story arcs of the season and open up new story arcs for the next season (if there is one). I felt like this finale only achieved half of this.

The episode kicks off with Sarah and the kids visiting Anton in jail, who’s back in there as he breached his bail conditions to punch Kyle in the face. Xavier’s upset that Anton has to go back to jail and after he gets Xavier to leave him and Sarah alone for a minute, he tells her that the prosecution have put a deal on the table—plead guilty to manslaughter and he’ll only have to go to jail for five years. Sarah tells Anton she doesn’t want him to rush into taking the deal.

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One comment

  • There was no mention of the strangulation part in the end even though it was referred to all the way through. She was definitely alive when she went down the stairs as she made a shocked noise . Terrible loose end unless I’ve missed something ? Can anyone explain it ?


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