The Good Place – Season 1, Episode 10 (Chidi’s Choice)

The episode picks up from where we were left off, with Jason and Tahani in Jason’s “meditation room”. Jason tells Tahani who he is and not tell Michael about his real identity. We then cut to Chidi, both Eleanors and Bambadjan (a human rights advocate) in Michael’s office preparing to argue Eleanor’s case for staying in the Good Place whilst awaiting Shawn’s arrival to the Good Place.

Eleanor recounts her time in the Good Place to Real Eleanor and Bambadjan. The Real Eleanor suggests that Eleanor is in love with Chidi, which she adamantly denies. Meanwhile Chidi and Michael stay in Michael’s office to conduct their own research. Chidi tells Michael that he finds it hard to make decisions under pressure, and when Michael asks him to choose between using a dry erase board or pen and paper to jot down ideas to save Eleanor, this leads to a flashback showing Chidi’s inability to choose what kids to be on his soccer team as a child to the frustration of his friend, Uzo.

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