Year 11 Standard – Assignment 3

Assignment 3 of the Year 11 Mathematics Standard (Pathway 2) Course that I’m doing at TAFE consisted of questions from chapters 7-9 of the textbook: Linear Functions, Interest and Depreciation, and Owning A Car.

I submitted Assignment 3 to my teacher on 8 October 2020 and received my marks and feedback from my teacher on 22 October 2020.

I got 36.5 out of 38 (96%). My first reaction to these marks was “holy S***!” These are my highest marks to date and I certainly wasn’t expecting them, not to mention these marks prove that the high marks in my first assignment weren’t a fluke, and they contribute towards my final grade. I was also happy about these marks as I didn’t enjoy these chapters, which is evident by the fact that I didn’t write and publish any Textbook Topics blog posts on any of the topics in the three chapters.

The questions, my submission, and my marks and feedback for Assignment 3 can be found below.

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