The Good Place—Season 1, Episode 3 (Tahani Al-Jamil)

With this episode’s title, I initially expected it to be all about Tahani and getting to know a lot about her. While this episode did explore Tahani’s character a little bit, it was more about Eleanor’s perception and suspicion of her.

The episode kicks off with Chidi giving Eleanor an ethics lesson to be interrupted by Tahani dropping by to give Eleanor a plant. After she leaves, Eleanor and Chidi argue over Tahani’s personality and intentions. Later, Eleanor visits Tahani and brings her a basket of pears, believing it is a better gift, only for Tahani to tell her that pears are a symbol of bad luck in Chinese culture and throws them in the trash without a second thought. When Tahani makes a comment to Eleanor about her desire to help others in the neighbourhood so she feels like she belongs in the Good Place, Eleanor immediately suspects her of sending the note. When Eleanor returns to her home and shares her suspicion with Chidi, insulting Tahani in the process, the plant starts to wilt.

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