John Marsden Writing Topic #6

What’s the most beautiful part of your body? Describe it. What’s the ugliest? Describe it.**

The most beautiful part of my body would have to be my skin. Thanks to one of the very few good genes that I have inherited (thanks to my mum) I constantly have clear skin that is almost always free from pimples. My skin does have some sun damage, mainly on the top of my chest due to wearing scoop neck tops and singlets. I also have scars from various mishaps (e.g. one on the inside of my left forearm from an oven tray slipping out of my hand), scars from surgery on my right foot, as well as moles (including a few birth moles on my neck, face, arms and left thigh).

The ugliest part of my body would have to be my stomach. I don’t have a flat stomach, my stomach is currently two rolls of fat (more noticeable when I sit down), I despise the top roll in particular as it makes buying jeans, tops and dresses difficult. My stomach is a combination of some bad food choices, lack of sit-ups and a hint of genetics (genetics plays a part in regards to how my weight sits in my stomach).


**Reference: Marsden, J 1998, Everything I Know About Writing, Pan Macmillan, Australia.


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