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John Marsden Writing Topic #88

Write a conversation where someone mentions a type of fish in every sentence. (Adapted from ‘Whose Line is it Anyway?’)**   A seafood BBQ with friends W: Tommy Cod! I’m so glad you made it to our party! It’s been such a long time! T: I know Walley, we’ve both been busy with work or should I call you Mr

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John Marsden Writing Topic #87

Write down a series of random letters then write sentences using each letter as the first letter of each successive word: e.g. AFDSHW: All fat dentists should have wigs** The random letters I have chosen are: TEDCLM   1. ┬áThe electrician did choose Luigi’s manufacturer. 2. Ted, Evelyn, Dale, Carla left Michigan. 3. Trains eagerly drive commuters long miles. 4.

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John Marsden Writing Topic #21

Write a menu fit for an enemy** Entree: Garlic bread laced with Marijuana (To lower inhibitions and enhance hunger to eat more poisoned food)   Main: Spaghetti Bolognese (The Bolognese must be laced with several cups of Vodka to further lower inhibitions and to bring on fatigue)   Dessert: Chocolate Sundae laced with Chloroform (To render enemy unconscious)    

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