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Bite Club–Season 1 Finale

This is the episode everyone was waiting for, not because it means the end to the show but rather because Stephen is finally caught and arrested. One of the best aspects of this finale was that every character found out Stephen was the killer in a different way, so to honour this, I’m going to be reviewing the finale character

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Bite Club–Season 1, Episode 6

I’m going to continue reviewing Bite Club character by character. Case of the week—The episode kicks off with the case of the week by immediately showing the viewers the dead body of Simon Keynes floating in a pool. The murder weapon, a bloody rock, along with Simon’s phone are found straight away and the team go from there. Zoe and

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Bite Club–Season 1, Episode 5

Like with last week’s review, I will be writing this one character by character. Zoe, Dan and Pia—This episode kicks off with Amber and Zoe swimming together with Dan and Pia (from the aquarium in the last episode who was recommending immersion therapy to Amber and Dan) watching them. When Pia is introduced to Zoe, clearly she is jealous, but

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