Bite Club–Season 1, Episode 5

Like with last week’s review, I will be writing this one character by character.

Zoe, Dan and Pia—This episode kicks off with Amber and Zoe swimming together with Dan and Pia (from the aquarium in the last episode who was recommending immersion therapy to Amber and Dan) watching them. When Pia is introduced to Zoe, clearly she is jealous, but won’t admit it. Zoe clearly isn’t happy when Dan lets Pia “dogsit” Mickey, and when it turned out he was poisoned, I did suspect Pia was responsible out of her own jealousy, but this wasn’t the case as Jim realised he left snail bait out and concludes Mickey ate some of it. At the end of the episode, Dan weakly tries to persuade Zoe that Kristof isn’t right for her and fails, which leads to Zoe suggesting to Kristof that they get married in Bora Bora with a small wedding. Surprisingly, Zoe and Dan’s romantic tension wasn’t really focused on, in fact the case of the week was focused on more for once.

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