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Aftertaste – Season 2 Finale

The job of a season finale is to bring the season’s story arcs and subplots to a close, and to establish new ones for the next season (if there is a next season). I felt that this finale did its job perfectly. The finale kicks off with Easton showing Margot a trailer made for his upcoming TV show, telling her

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Aftertaste – Season 2, Episode 4

Diana and Easton are back in the soup kitchen to throw a fundraiser lunch. The episode kicks off with Diana visiting Margot at her vineyard, with Margot telling her about her business aspirations to establish a cellar door experience. Diana is there looking for Easton, telling her about their dinner with June the night before. After Diana leaves, Margot gives

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Aftertaste – Season 2 Premiere

The job of a season premiere is to establish story arcs and subplots for the season. This premiere did its job perfectly. The second season of Aftertaste kicks off with roughly a year passing since the events of the season one finale, with Diana returning from London with her new boyfriend, Harry, for Brett and Denise’s wedding. It’s revealed in

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