Behind the Reviews – Edition #23 (Speechless)

Speechless is a U.S. television series that premiered on the ABC (American Broadcasting Company) on 21 September 2016 and aired in Australia on Peach briefly in 2017. Speechless focuses on the DiMeo family (parents Jimmy and Maya and their three kids: JJ, Ray, and Dylan) who have recently moved into the worst house in the best street of a nice neighbourhood so oldest son, JJ, a teenager with cerebral palsy and non-verbal, can go to an inclusive school that can provide him with an aide to support him throughout the day.

Scott Silveri, the show’s creator, wrote the sitcom based on his own experiences as his brother also has cerebral palsy, and a key feature of the show was to have JJ be as much of an imperfect and interesting teenager as possible, who just happened to have a disability. I believe Silveri pulled this off perfectly.

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