John Marsden Writing Topic #537

Write a scene then rewrite it three times with three different emotions.**

#I interpreted this topic as writing the same scene with three different emotions. I wrote this scene with three different POV styles as well as emotions.


FIRST PERSON POV: “Careful, careful, I don’t want to be caught with my hand in it…yes I got the chocolate chip one!” (Happiness)

SECOND PERSON POV: “You didn’t see me take any chocolate chip cookies out of the cookie jar, got it!” (Aggression)

THIRD PERSON POV: “He snuck into the kitchen and carefully lifted the lid off the jar, quietly fiddling inside it with a shaky hand, worried about waking up his parents, when he felt the smooth chocolate under his hand and pulled it out, he smiled in triumph, he managed to get a chocolate chip one.”  (Worry/Fear/Happiness)

**Reference: Marsden J 1998, Everything I Know About Writing, Pan Macmillan, Australia.