First Friday Fix – May 2022

The prompt for the Australian Writers’ Centre (AWC) First Friday Fix for May 2022 was to write the same scene using THREE different POV styles and that it should tell the story of a thief stealing cookies from a jar. This story is clearly longer than 50 words, however the prompt didn’t mention that it needed to be 50 words or under.


FIRST PERSON POV: “Careful, careful, I don’t want to be caught with my hand in it…yes I got the chocolate chip one!”

SECOND PERSON POV: “You didn’t see me take any chocolate chip cookies out of the cookie jar, got it!”

THIRD PERSON POV: “He snuck into the kitchen and carefully lifted the lid off the jar, quietly fiddling inside it with a shaky hand, worried about waking up his parents, when he felt the smooth chocolate under his hand and pulled it out, he smiled in triumph, he managed to get a chocolate chip one.”