After the Verdict – Season 1, Episode 4

Now that we’ve passed the halfway point of the season, Paul is now the main suspect and has been arrested, and Daniel is going to turn himself in for taking a bribe, where do we go from here?

The episode kicks off with Clara visiting Paul in remand. Paul blames Clara for being in there, however Clara points out that his desire for Walsh to be quiet is a motive for wanting him dead. Paul tells her that Heidi must have set him up by putting the murder weapon in his apartment, as she still had the keys from when she worked for Belinda. Meanwhile, Ollie and Eliza are having a picnic in the park, where we see him employ dodgy tactics over the phone to his clients to sell a house. When Eliza calls him out on his dodgy practices, it leads to fun banter between them. When Ollie takes a photo of them and goes to post it on social media, Eliza stops him as her work would freak out over her dating a juror from the trial.

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