Minx – Season 1, Episode 5 (Relaying news of a wayward snake)

This episode took the show in a slightly different direction by exploring Doug’s connections to the mob, and a studio turf war at the Bottom Dollar office.

Interestingly, the episode doesn’t kick off with the main characters, rather a family consisting of Vince, his wife, Francesca, and their two children having dinner. When Francesca tells Vince about big ticket items she wants to buy, he tells her that she’ll have to hold off, which leads to an argument between them, as she asks where the money is going as she keeps track of their expenses. As they are starting to make up later that night in bed, Vince gives her a copy of Minx to get her in the mood, only to be appalled at finding the article Joyce wrote on the birth control pill becoming available for single women.

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