Summer Love – Pilot (Jules & Tom and Jonah & Steph)

The job of a show’s pilot is to establish its premise and characters. This show did a good job.

The TV Week 2022 Preview’s edition described Summer Love as an “anthology series on eight different stories across eight episodes set at the same beach holiday house.” This means that this show has a revolving cast in each episode, however the setting remains the same. The revolving cast is established in this episode (as well as future episodes) by displaying a title card with the names of the characters staying at the house and how many nights they’ve booked to stay.

This episode features Jules & Tom (Sibylla Budd and Patrick Brammall) and Jonah & Steph (Stephen Curry and Harriet Dyer), old friends who spend a holiday together at the beach holiday house every year. This year, they’re booked in for seven nights and Jonah & Steph have arrived at the house first with their toddler daughter, Molly, in tow.

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