The Time Traveler’s Wife – Season 1, Episode 4

This episode explores Henry’s condition and his relationship with Clare from the perspective of Gomez, Charisse and Ingrid.

The episode kicks off with Henry going to Clare’s apartment where she meets her best friends, Gomez and Charisse for the first time. Gomez immediately annoys Henry due to his jokes mocking his profession, as well as his possessiveness over Clare. Gomez quietly remarks to Clare that he has seen Henry before. As well as making fun of his profession, Gomez, as well as Charisse get under Henry’s skin by questioning his relationship with Clare. Just as the tension between Henry, Gomez and Charisse is coming to a head, Clare asks Henry to see him and she tells him that another version of him, 41-year-old Henry, asked to be buzzed in as the police are chasing after him.

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