Almost Family – Season 1, Episode 3 (Notorious AF)

I’m going to try something a little different and review this episode character by character.

Julia – As the episode starts with her, I’m going to start my review with her. She is leading a Not Parent Expected meeting at the Institute when Sam’s wife, Kim, storms in telling everyone that Julia slept with Sam and that Sam is her brother. One of the attendees at the meeting is filming Kim’s outburst.

Later when Julia is out walking, her phone rings with Roxy on the other end asking her if she’s seen social media lately as the video of Kim’s outburst has gone viral. Adding to her problems, Sam comes to the Institute. She takes him into a supply room so they can talk in private. He tells her that they need to do something about the video as he’s getting heat at work for it, however Julia points out that she’s getting more heat online even though she didn’t cheat on anyone or lie. When they come out of the room moments later, a delivery man that spoke to Julia moments before Sam arrived is filming them (and later posts the video).

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