Ms. Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries – Season 2, Episode 5 (Death Alley)

This episode was a mixture of “rockers and mods”, racism and forbidden love.

The episode kicks off with Sparrow, his wife, Mavis, Steed and Sally going bowling together. A fight breaks out at another lane between Rex and Milo, who are part of the rockers and the mods respectively. Steed and Sparrow break up the fight, with Sparrow taking Rex and Milo out the back to “teach them a lesson.”

Later, as the game progresses, Sally is about to bowl and goes to grab her “lucky ball” only for Rex’s decapitated head to come out with it, to everyone’s horror. Meanwhile, Birdie, Samuel and Peregrine discuss Samuel’s decision to convert to Catholicism, when both Birdie and Peregrine see a blue chalk mark on the Adventuresses’ Club’s wall. Violetta tells them that her nephew, Milo, has been arrested for a murder at the bowling alley, Peregrine immediately takes off to the bowling alley to start her investigation.

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