Ms. Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries – Season 2 Premiere (Death by Design)

The job of a season premiere is to establish story arcs and subplots for the season, and revisit any story arcs and subplots established at the end of the previous season. I felt that this premiere did its job.

Full disclosure, I had to re-read the reviews I wrote of the first season to reacquaint myself with the show, its premise and its characters, as it had aired and I’d reviewed it three years ago.

The premiere kicks off with a party going on at the home of Kenneth Moore, an architect, who has recently won an award for his work, with his wife Pauline, and their friends: Linda, Dirk and Francine in attendance. The scenes of his party, and Peregrine and Steed on a date in Peregrine’s house go back-and-forth, where it’s revealed that Peregrine and Steed have been dating for two weeks. Just as they are about to consummate their relationship, Birdie shows up with takeaway.

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