Charmed (Reboot) – Season 2, Episode 12 (Needs to Know)

This episode takes us in a different direction by focusing on another story arc on another character who hasn’t appeared in ten episodes.

The episode kicks off at the Tulipe Institute, where a nurse tries to administer medication to darklighter Helen with a security guard in tow, however an incident occurs which forces the nurse and the guard to leave Helen and they forget to close the door to her room, which gives her the opportunity to escape. Meanwhile, the sisters try to reclaim the Power of Three, and the connection is reclaimed between Mel and Maggie but fizzles out when it tries to reach Macy, which means that for whatever the reason, Macy is the problem. Whilst Harry is visiting Abigael, who cooks dinner for and tries to seduce him, he gets a message from whitelighter Helen asking for help and he leaves.

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