The Good Place – Season 3 Premiere (Everything is Bonzer!) [Two-Parter]

The job of a season premiere is to establish the story arcs and subplots for the new season. This premiere did its job perfectly.

The season 2 finale had the gang return to Earth, their lives being saved, however we only saw how Eleanor’s life panned out after being saved. The premiere shows that Michael actually saved all four of them from their original deaths, by going to Earth via The Judge’s travel papers and The Doorman, who likes frogs. We are briefly shown Jason proposing to a cop who arrests him, Tahani being interviewed by a magazine in her extravagant home, and Chidi agonising over what muffin to buy from a coffee stall, before we are shown Eleanor and Chidi’s meeting in Chidi’s office. Eleanor tells Chidi that she wants to learn how to be a better person, by telling him about her near-death experience and that her previous attempts to improve herself failed. Chidi agrees to teach her about ethics and philosophy, and also tells her about his own near-death experience.

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