The Good Place – Season 2, Episode 10 (Best Self)

The episode picks up from where we were left off with the gang alone in the neighbourhood. Michael informs them that getting to the Good Place is tricky as there is no train to catch, but he does tell them that a gold hot air balloon will get them there.

The balloon has a scale in front of it that will weigh their souls to determine if they are their best selves. If they are not their best selves, they won’t be permitted on board. While Eleanor is confident she will be allowed on board (and she is) and Tahani and Jason are also allowed, Chidi isn’t as he has fears that he is not his best self. Chidi makes the valid point that there have been 802 different versions of him, so how does he know that the current version of himself is the best one. Eleanor reassures him and he is allowed on board, however Eleanor’s efforts to reassure Chidi has lead to her own doubts developing, and she is no longer allowed on board. Eleanor admits Chidi got into her head, and that the Eleanor on the tape at Mindy’s house is the best version of herself, as she allowed herself to be honest and vulnerable.

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