Harrow – Season 3 Premiere (Marta Semper Cerva Est)

The job of a season premiere is to establish new story arcs for the season, as well as address any loose ends left in the previous season’s finale. I felt that this premiere did its job.

With the exception of a mysterious dead body at the side of the road with a rat walking on it, the premiere picks up from where we were left off – Harrow, Nichols and Grace at the crime scene of a dead body identified as Harrow’s son. Nichols asks the question the viewers want an answer to, did Harrow know he had a son. His answer…”it’s complicated.” Nichols also tells him a car nearby was towed and a note was found on the body addressed to Harrow from his son, saying that he wanted to see him but once he saw that Harrow had his family, he thought it was better not to complicate things.

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