Year 11 Standard – Assignments

The Year 11 Mathematics Standard (Pathway 2) course through TAFE involves students completing five assignments to get their final grade.

The marks of assignments 1, 3 and 5 make up the final grade. As the marks of assignments 2 and 4 don’t make up the final grade, students have the chance to re-submit these assignments if they don’t pass the first time.

Assignment 1 consists of questions from the first three chapters of the textbook: Collecting and Presenting Data, Formulas and Equations, and Earning Money and Taxation.

Assignment 2 consists of questions from Chapters 4-6 of the textbook: Probability, Measurement, and Managing a Home.

Assignment 3 consists of questions from Chapters 7-9 of the textbook: Linear Functions, Interest and Depreciation, and Owning a Car.

Assignment 4 consists of questions from Chapters 10-11 of the textbook: Analysing Data, and World Locations and Times.

Assignment 5 consists of questions from Chapter 12 (Driving Safely) and the Test Yourself Questions at the end of each chapter in the textbook.

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