Upload—Season 1, Episode 6 (The Sleepover)

This episode kicks off with Nora on a virtual bike ride with Dave, where he takes her to a spot he and her mother use to sneak off to. She tasks her VR mask off for a moment when she receives a text from Byron, which she ignores. She tells him about Byron and he encourages her to get to know him rather than spending her time with Nathan. She texts Byron asking him out on a real date for the next night and he agrees.

We then see Nathan lying in bed, woken up by his niece, Nevaeh. She is currently at school and is visiting as the substitute teacher told the students to watch a VR about the rainforest, but she took the opportunity to visit. Nevaeh tells him about Fran’s disappearance and Ingrid inviting her to a sleepover. She is reluctant to accept the invitation but Nathan encourages her to go. Nathan introduces her to Nora, but their introduction is cut short when Aleesha tells her about an emergency staff meeting.

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