Playing For Keeps—Season 2, Episode 2

I’ve decided to keep my character by character reviews going with this season.

Liam and Kendall—Despite the events at the end of the previous episode, Liam and Kendall weren’t really focused on in this one. Liam comes out of the incident with six stitches, no glass in his skull and no sign of concussion, while Kendall tearfully admits she hit him with the glass. Kendall, although still aggressive, seeks Maddie’s help in getting into rehab. Maddie helps her, and her and Kath go to see Kendall and Liam. Liam is reluctant to let Kendall go, however Kendall stands her ground, and heads to rehab. Despite Maddie’s and Kath’s efforts to keep Kendall going to rehab out of the press, it’s made public anyway. Although progress has been made with them, I’m still suspicious of Liam, why would he be so reluctant for Kendall to go to rehab?

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