Furious Fiction – November 2018

The brief for the AWC Furious Fiction–November 2018 short story competition was as follows:

  1. Your story must begin with a sentence containing just TWO words.
  2. Your entire story must take place at a SUPERMARKET.
  3. Your story must include SOMETHING BREAKING.


First Shopping Trip

Price check!

Those words screeched by a woman over the supermarket’s loud speaker was enough to startle me out of my daydream and regain my thoughts. I wandered through each aisle going through the motions, picking up things off the shelves and mindlessly putting them in my trolley. I didn’t realise that the Dolmio jar fell out of my hand until I heard it smash on the floor.

The in-love couple I was watching finally saw that I was staring at them and I looked down but not away. I should have looked away, when I looked down and saw the pooled pasta sauce and I was taken back. I was taken back to the car, the wreckage, the blood and Dominic lying beside me, already dead and barely recognisable.

I wasn’t even married to him for a full day or even half a one… we should have hired a limo for our wedding day, instead of driving ourselves.  

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