Charmed (Reboot)–Season 1, Episode 6 (Kappa Spirit)

The episode was completely different to the previous five as for the first time it focused on something other than the harbinger and Niko as those subplots concluded.

This week focused more on Maggie dealing with the consequences of telling Lucy that she kissed Parker and getting kicked out of Kappa, which leads to Lucy accidentally unleashing literally a Kappa spirit in the form of Brenda (McKaley Miller). Maggie immediately notices something is not right about Brenda when she at first notices her outdated eyeshadow style but more so when she tells Mel that part of her initiation was learning all about each sorority member from top to bottom and Brenda wasn’t one of them. She quickly finds an article that reveals Brenda was killed after she got drunk and fell off the Kappa roof in 1989. This discovery marks the first time that the sisters meet and have to deal with a ghost.

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