Fifth and last physio session

Last Wednesday (March 1) I had my fifth and last physio session with Eliza.

This session was basically a follow up on the exercises and anything else that happened over the last month. I told her that there was one particular week where I experienced knee pain again, which made me feel like I was back at square one, but it eventually passed. Other than this, I had made attempts at the exercises she had assigned.

We went back over the previous exercises and focused on my balance (or lack thereof) and on my glutes. At the end of the session she assigned me multiple exercises to complete at home/work/at the gym: a clamshell stretch, mini squats, modified sidelying hip abduction stretches, and a single leg stance stretch. These exercises are to strengthen my glutes and to improve my balance.

Eliza told me as I haven’t had any major problems lately and have completed two runs since the injury, that we would leave physio sessions for now unless I develop any further problems, and/or if I want to come back for any improvements.


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