First physio session


My taped up left knee


As mentioned in an earlier post, my orthopaedic surgeon diagnosed me with a medial ligament sprain and recommended physiotherapy and a knee brace for when I’m active.

On January 10 I had my first physiotherapy session in Wollongong. I wanted the physio to check my previously fractured shin and my other leg, as well as my knee. The first physio session was basically a “getting to know you” session which involved introducing myself to the physio, telling her why I was there and how the injury occurred. She checked for sensitive areas, painful spots and looked at my posture. She also got me to walk across the room to get an idea of how I walked.

She also got me to do some stretches and exercises to continue with when I was at home and work. She assigned me to do exercises to focus on strengthening my quads. She also taped up my knee for support, which did feel strange but I also found very helpful.

Overall the session lasted for an hour-and-a-half and was very fruitful. If you ever need physio, I recommend that you have health insurance. The first session cost was $129 and my health insurance covered $77.10, so more than half. Health insurance can cost a bit, but trust me, it’s well worth it.

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