My first set of injuries

I posted my 2016 fun walking goals on my Facebook page on November 28th 2015. The post was as follows:


Memory Walk and Jog–28 Feb, 7.5km

Splash & Dash Fun Run–20 March, 10km

Fitness 5–approx April, 5km

Bulli Burn–approx May, 10km

City to Surf–August 14–14km

Total = 46.5km

Challenge accepted! #funwalkernotrunner #technicalshoedifficulties


I was so excited and motivated after Run Wollongong, however my plans were ruined in December and January. In December I kept feeling pressure in my left kneecap and pain in my left shin. I initially had a knee x-ray which revealed changes in my kneecap, which indicated arthritis. The news, which came a few days before Christmas, upset me however the real blow came in January.

After a leg x-ray and an ultrasound to rule out compartment syndrome and deep vein thrombosis, I was sent off to have an MRI on my knee and leg. I knew something was wrong when the radiographer asked me when I would be going back to my GP, but he didn’t tell me why he asked, I think legally he couldn’t tell me anything. The MRI revealed that I had a stress fracture about 7.5 cm below my knee. It also revealed that I have plica and a small cyst in my knee. The knee issues are more long term and wouldn’t really stop me, however the stress fracture meant that I couldn’t train or participate in fun runs for three months, which really upset me.

In March I also managed to sprain my right foot on the gym equipment.

I followed the doctor’s orders and slowly went back to training at the gym in mid-April. It was then I decided to enter the Bulli Burn, which was going to be held a month later.

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