My 2017 fun walking goals

On August 27, I made the decision to take on a “fun walking not running tour” in 2017. The tour would involve participating in fun runs in all of the capital cities. I made this decision to improve my fitness and expand my fun walking horizons, as well as to travel and have more of a work-life balance.

I published a post on Facebook announcing my “tour” with the following fun runs in mind:


“International Women’s Day Fun Run–March 5 (Brisbane) (5 km)

Canberra Walking Festival–April 2 (Canberra) (5 km)

Swan Run–July (Perth) (5 km)

City to Bay Fun Run–September (Adelaide) (6 km)

City 2 Sea–November (Melbourne) (5 km)

Not sure about Hobart and Darwin at this point.”


I didn’t make mention of City 2 Surf in Sydney in August as I’m not sure if I’ll enter it due to its large distance. I mentioned that I wasn’t sure of Hobart and Darwin as I was yet to find a fun run to possibly participate in.

I’m hoping that I can accomplish these goals and not have to give most of them up like this year due to injuries.


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