Bulli Burn 2016

On May 29, I completed the Bulli Burn 2016, which was my first fun run for the year.

I was nervous about doing this fun run. It was my first for the year and I had to do the 5km course and not the 10km that I had originally wanted to, due to my injuries. I was also nervous because I wasn’t sure if my stress fracture had fully healed or at least healed enough to be able to complete the Bulli Burn without risk of a complete break. In an effort to prevent a complete break and another sprain on my right foot, I wore compression bandages. The Bulli Burn 2016’s course was a loop around Bulli Beach, Sandon Point.

It turned out that I had nothing to worry about, I completed the Bulli Burn 2016 in a net time of 58 minutes 47 seconds and an official time of 59 minutes 2 seconds. The official time was 21 seconds faster than my training times and I beat my Run Wollongong time by 2 minutes, so overall I was pretty pleased with myself. According to my Facebook post, I completed it with “determination, my iPod, an unnecessarily huge bottle of water and 3.3kg lighter than I was in September”. I think I made mention of September because I mistakenly thought Run Wollongong was held then and not in October.

My ability to complete the Bulli Burn without inflicting further injury motivated me to register for the Kiama Red Cross Fun Run, which was being held in two weeks on June 12.

I completed this fun run alone so I didn’t have my picture taken, however I did take pictures of my bib number and the Bulli scenery.



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