Another injury

I decided to visit my orthopaedic surgeon to get advice on my injuries over the last twelve months. He looked at the material and gave me a physical examination and diagnosed me with a medial ligament sprain.

I couldn’t remember if he diagnosed me due to what he saw on the MRI or what he felt during the physical examination, however there was no mention of a sprain on the MRI, so it’s probably a more recent injury.

He’s prescribed physiotherapy for me, including a soft knee brace to wear during physical activity, i.e. during my fun runs. I’m not sure what I’m in for in regards to physio as I’ll have to wait until I’m back in Wollongong to have it. However I have registered to participate in the Aquathon as the swimming and walking combination won’t be as rough on my injury as a 5km fun walk would.

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