John Marsden Writing Topic #408

Describe your relationship with your cousins**

My relationship with my cousin’s on my mother side of the family are varied. I have eight cousins ranging in age from 27 to 40Two out of the eight cousins I am no longer communicating with due to unforeseen circumstances after my Pop’s death three years ago, however the relationship I have with the other six cousins is distant but friendly, I am friends with the majority of them on Facebook and I see them from time to time. Being the youngest, I constantly watched them do things before me such as finishing school, getting married and having children and while I was happy for them, I was jealous for having to wait my turn. Because I’m the youngest and due to the size of the age gaps, I always thought I would be friends with them and closer to them in adulthood and I am, but it’s not quite how I wanted it. I’ll always be the baby and at a different life stage to them. 

My relationship with my cousins on my father’s side of the family is unfortunately non-existent due to unforeseen circumstances after my paternal grandfather’s death. 


**Reference: Marsden, J 1998, Everything I Know About Writing, Pan Macmillan, Australia.

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